Humble Beginnings

Back in 2016, I got the inclination to start a holding company to track my "alternate" investments for all things that didn't fit inside the typical box of 401Ks, IRAs, and run of the mill ETFs and index funds. I do all of that stuff too but was eager to be a bit more hands-on (in a measured way) while also adding some value to the universe. As a result, Omnus Holdings was born in April of 2016. The journey since then has been an interesting one (to say the least) and has involved side hustles, angel investments, real estate, options trading, and more recently, the possibility of starting a product company full-time (more on this later). It occurred to me 7 years into this journey that it might actually be a win-win exercise to start chronicling these experiences; maybe, just maybe, it might come in handy for some of you that would like to pursue similar ventures. Aside from this alone, writing and sharing on the web allows for me to expand my network, kickstart a dialogue, and create feedback loops for whatever is top of mind for me at the moment. This blog is my attempt to do exactly those things.

I'm scatter-brained, so you'll find that I'll write on a wide variety of topics ranging from technical disciplines like software / product development and design thinking all the way to investing and personal finance on the other end of the spectrum . Some of the more common areas I like to explore: technology, current events + international affairs, personal finance, alternative investments, macro-economic trends,  entrepreneurship, design thinking, sports & sports analytics...this is probably an abbreviated list. Consider yourself warned. One thing I will try very hard to do is to stick with bite-sized readable posts that are no longer than 500-1000 words tops.

The Value Proposition - Who Should Read This Blog?

If you're curious about the world, hopefully there will be some interesting and diverse content that you can read about here. I'm certainly not soliciting subscriptions. Ultimately, I'll let my audience be the judge. I do believe in the theory of efficient markets; if the content on this blog will cease to exist.  

Broadly, there are four domains that I think guide a lot of my own curiosity about the world. In no particular order, here they are:

  1. Technology - I know, I know...a very broad term. Whether we like it or not, tech is continuously changing the status quo for the world around us. I like to explore the latest innovations and how they might shake things up for businesses, investors, and consumers alike.
  2. Design Thinking - a close cousin to technology itself, design thinking is a creative approach to solving problems that prioritizes experiences in addition to core solutioning. I think of it almost as a problem solving philosophy that can come in handy within a whole range of disciplines.
  3. Personal Finance & Investing - Money may not buy happiness, but it sure is hell is nice to have around. When it comes to personal finance, I've realized that smart choices concerning money – from budgeting and saving to investing and getting ready for retirement - all of these things enable a certain degree of freedom that I think many people find effusive or difficult to achieve. I've been incredibly blessed to have been given the education and the right doses of luck along the way to have done fairly well on this front (so far...knock on wood). From time to time, I'll share some anecdotes along my journey and how I think about managing financial wealth.
  4. Current Events & World Affairs - there's a lot changing with the "world order" that has been the assumed status quo since the conclusion of WWII almost 76 years ago. This is true from a geopolitical perspective but also with the pace of innovation and the democratization of information around the globe.

Keeping It Real - About the Author

If you're interested in the professional/career stuff, here's a link to my LI profile:

Among other things, I'm a son, a brother, a husband, a pet caretaker, a basketball junkie, an avid traveler, a consultant, an entrepreneur, a software engineer, a data scientist, and occasional writer. I live in the Dallas, TX area with my wife and our dog, Neal (German Shepard/Husky mix!). Here's a pic of me with the fam:

If you want to drop me a line, feel free to DM on Twitter or LinkedIn or simply shoot me an email.